User registration

To request for next generation sequencing, a corresponding order has to be created in our database (NGS OrderDB). For using NGS OrderDB, a user account is required. The proceeding for user registration depends on your institutional affiliation:

User registration for people working outside MPI for Plant Breeding Research

Please follow this link to the user registration interface and click the icon for creating a new account. On the subsequent page we are asking for your contact data and a valid MPI cost center for invoicing. Please note that the approval of your account may take a few hours (but usually not more than one working day).

User registration for people working inside MPI for Plant Breeding Research

If you are working at the MPI for Plant Breeding Research (MPIPZ) you already have an account (standard account for this campus) which has to be activated for a specific cost center. To do so, please ask your group leader which cost center to use and to inform us via Max Planck-Genome-centre Cologne task interface.


For further information about user registration please contact Lisa Czaja-Hasse (email:; phone: 0221 5062-853) or Diana Kühn (email:; phone: 0221 5062-854).